I teach both graduate students and undergraduates. During the 2013-2014 academic year, I will be teaching four courses. In the winter quarter of 2014, I will teach a lecture course for both undergraduates and graduate students on "American Grand Strategy." I will also teach a graduate seminar on "The Foundations of Realism." In the spring quarter of 2014, I will teach a graduate seminar on "Liberalism and American Foreign Policy," and an undergraduate seminar on "Realism." Finally, I will run the Program on International Security Policy (PISP) Workshop for the entire academic year. It meets every Tuesday in Pick 506 at 4:30pm and is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Over the past decade, some of the key courses I have taught include:

  • Seminar on Zionism and Palestine, 2011. [pdf]
  • Seminar on Liberalism and American Foreign Policy, 2011. [pdf]
  • Seminar on Comparative Case Study Method, 2004. [pdf]
  • Seminar on Great Power Politics, 2008. [pdf]
  • Seminar on Nationalism in the Age of Globalization, 2010. [pdf]
  • Seminar on Realism, 2010. [pdf]
  • Lecture course on War and the Nation-State, 2010. [pdf]
  • Seminar on the Foundations of Realism, 2014. [pdf]
  • Lecture course on American Grand Strategy, 2014. [pdf]

The syllabi for the last time I taught each of these courses are accessible by clicking on the pdf links.

Updated: January 16, 2014

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